Friday, May 23, 2014

Polo Sundays :: Life

I am perfectly and completely enjoying myself at Polo on Sunday afternoons. I am so blessed to spend the day with my family, wine and camera.

 photo Polo-6_zps0e4f1bce.jpg

 photo Polo-45_zpscbb3cc41.jpg

 photo Polo-47_zps42c164cc.jpg

Love these last two SOOC shots!

 photo Polo-25_zps18c511eb.jpg

 photo Polo-39_zps7ad26cd9.jpg

Monday, May 5, 2014

Polo :: Life

I have a lot of things that I love and enjoy, but rarely are so many packed into one day. I am so blessed to not only have had such a wonderful day but also blessed to share! God is good and He loves to be in our lives, in the big things and the small things. He loves when we find Him in the small things and when we include him in everything. That's my testimony for today. Love it!

Here are just a couple images from the polo game yesterday. I hadn't been to a match in a looooooong time and it was just as fun as I can remember. Family, food, wine, sun and horses. Great day. 

 photo Polo-1_zpsdb2a3b57.jpg

 photo Polo-2_zpsaf991b20.jpg

 photo Polo-5_zpsa1c00975.jpg

 photo Polo-3_zps0cc4956f.jpg

 photo Polo-4_zpsec1c3f6a.jpg

 photo Polo-6_zps297ee47b.jpg

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hopeland Gardens

I had the pleasure of walking around Hopeland Gardens and taking some photos. Probably one of my favorites, taking a stroll and casual photography. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them!

 photo Hopeland-9_zpscddeb3b2.jpg

 photo Hopeland-8_zpsff2dd72e.jpg

 photo Hopeland-7_zpsfd395286.jpg

 photo Hopeland-6_zpsceb7449a.jpg

 photo Hopeland-5_zpsd00d42ea.jpg

 photo Hopeland-4_zpseeaf2160.jpg

 photo Hopeland-3_zpse92cda68.jpg

 photo Hopeland-2_zps397f5c4d.jpg

 photo Hopeland-1_zps14a00373.jpg

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gary :: Jammin

Closer to some family but farther from others. Moving is a tough thing and so amazing in others. Wonderfully, God just asks us to live and be thankful in today.  photo Jamnight-68_zps30099cbd.jpg  photo Jamnight-46_zps0a45a016.jpg  photo Jamnight-30_zps98717e8d.jpg  photo Jamnight-47_zps6489447a.jpg  photo Jamnight-71_zpsa8043a9d.jpg

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Matt and Madison :: Just Becasue

Matt and I were finishing up headshots today and he asked if it would be ok if Madison came along and jumped in some of the shots. Of course!  photo MattMadison-51_zps72367c72.jpg I'm glad I said yes, because at the end of the shoot they said they hadn't had any photos done since they're wedding. 5? 6? years ago? It was definitely time!  photo MattMadison-31_zps1b6d590f.jpg  photo MattMadison-77_zpsc02d9cec.jpg Since it felt like the Arctic outside today, we kept it in doors.  photo MattMadison-50_zpsf0eaac31.jpg  photo MattMadison-42_zps8e2172cc.jpg Love it! A great mini shoot!